The DeepDive is a live audience interview conducted at Inspire Centre and Café where a special guest is invited to share their personal journey including the highs and lows. 

At the DeepDive our guest will give an exclusive insight into their lives sharing habits, tactics, goals, failures, passions and everything that led them to be the force that they currently are. 

The interview focuses on the personal perfective of the guest to give Tanzania’s and the world a chance to meet the real person behind the brand. There will be a host asking guiding questions and moderate the audience in asking their questions. 

Start : 25-Jan-2020 @ 09:00

End : 25-Jan-2020 @ 12:00

Location :Inspire Centre, Tanzanite Park, Victoria

Price : TZS 10,000


Masoud Kipanya is a Famous cartoonist, radio and TV personality who is best known as simply Kipanya. Few of us know Kipanya's journey to the top and even fewer know how and why he is who he is today on a deeper level. 

The DeepDive is here to correct that. We are having a 101 sit down with Masoud Kipanya to hear his story with all all the highs and lows, interacting with him like never before. 

Come join us by signing up today. There are limited seats, book yours now. 

Start : 18-Feb-2020 @ 18:00

End : 18-Feb-2020 @ 20:00

Location :Inspire Centre, Tanzanite Park, Victoria

Price : TZS 10,000


Carol Ndosi, a former TV Presenter, an Entrepreneur (Founder of Nyama Choma Festival), a social Innovator, a writer, a global shaper.... The list goes on. 

She is talented, she is outspoken she is a force to be reckoned with. 

We all know this right? What we don't know is what truly shaper Carol to become the woman we see today. What events,  habits, people that had a hand in her being this woman we know and admire today.  

Don't miss out on a chance to meet The Carol Ndosi on the Deep Dive come February 18th 2020. 

There are only 60 seats. Sign up now and we will see you then. 

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